MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch laser therapy for atrophic vaginitis

Vaginal discomfort is common in women after menopause, and can also be a side effect of other medical conditions or certain medications. One of the main causes of vaginal dryness, burning, itching, urinary incontinence and painful intercourse is a condition called atrophic vaginitis. Many women experience it, but it no longer has to negatively affect your life or your relationship, thanks to a life-changing treatment called MonaLisa Touch.

A breakthrough for women’s pelvic health, MonaLisa Touch is a vaginal laser treatment that quickly reverses symptoms of atrophic vaginitis, without hormones or surgery. The quick, reportedly painless procedure is performed in our New York fertility center, and most women see improvement after the first of their three initial treatments.

MonaLisa Touch is a long-lasting solution

In the United States alone, there are about 64 million post-menopausal women affected by changes to their vaginal health, as well as more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors who need a non-hormone solution for gynecologic health issues related to medication side effects.

Problems such as vaginal dryness and sensitivity are related to estrogen loss, often leaving women to either suffer in silence or try to alleviate symptoms with lubricants or hormone supplementation. The new MonaLisa Touch treatment is a long-lasting solution in which laser energy is targeted to the vaginal tissue, causing the production of new collagen and elastin as well as vascularization of the vaginal mucosa.

Similar to the laser therapies used to rejuvenate facial skin, MonaLisa Touch uses a fractional CO2 laser with a vaginal probe. With this in-office treatment, performed at our New York fertility center, Joel Batzofin, M.D., inserts the probe into the vagina to deliver painless pulses of laser energy directly into the vaginal tissue to stimulate new collagen production.

MonaLisa Touch therapy is quick, simple and proven.

  • Just three initial ten-minute treatments, spaced six weeks apart
  • No anesthesia necessary
  • Virtually no pain
  • Follow-up treatment once annually to maintain results

Most patients report a significant improvement in vaginal comfort after just one treatment. You can return to your normal routine immediately, but will be asked to refrain from sexual activity for two to three days.

Learn more about vaginal laser therapy

If you’re suffering from the symptoms of atrophic vaginitis and are ready to feel like yourself again, don’t wait another day to seek the long-lasting results you deserve. To learn more about MonaLisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation therapy for atrophic vaginitis, contact our New York fertility center to schedule a free consultation.