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Add Androferti to Your Sperm-Boosting Toolbox

When a couple’s inability to become pregnant turns out to be wholly or partially sperm-related, a man can take it to heart. Some men diagnosed with low sperm count or motility issues feel frustrated and powerless, but there are actions they can take to improve their odds of becoming dads. At our New York fertility center, one that Joel Batzofin, M.D. often recommends is a dietary supplement called Androferti that may help to maintain sperm health, production and function*.

What Is the Androferti Dietary Supplement?

Taken twice daily as an orange-flavored powder mixed into water or juice, Androferti is clinically proven to improve sperm count and motility*, supporting normal sperm development, fertility and reproduction*.

This supplement targets multiple sperm functions* with a balanced blend of:

  • L-Carnitine, which plays a key role in sperm energy metabolism, sperm maturation and potential motility. L-Carnitine is a component of both seminal plasma and sperm cells, and carnitines have been shown in clinical studies to play an important role in sperm function.
  • Antioxidants to combat oxidative stress, including selenium, thought to maintain the integrity of sperm flagella; coenzyme Q10, which is concentrated in sperm mitochondria; and Vitamin C, present in seminal plasma
  • Vitamins, including B9 and B12, which is involved in cell maturation and DNA synthesis
  • Zinc, which prevents cell death and DNA fragmentation
  • Citric acid, which is involved in certain aspects of energy metabolism

In peer-reviewed clinical studies, Androferti has been proven to improve sperm quality parameters for concentration, motility, morphology and the capacity to fertilize eggs. Better sperm quality means a better chance of achieving pregnancy, so adding this tasty supplement to their diet is a no-brainer for many hopeful dads with male factor infertility.

Boost sperm health

Because it takes weeks for sperm to develop, don’t expect to see benefits from Androferti right away. Sperm need about 72 days to mature, and pass through the genital tract as it matures to be ready to fertilize an egg. Changes in sperm count and motility may begin to appear about three months after starting Androferti. For optimal results, Dr. Batzofin usually recommends that men take Androferti for at least six months.

To find out more about whether Androferti might help you achieve pregnancy, contact our New York fertility center to schedule an appointment.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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