Egg Freezing Seminars in NYC

Egg Freezing Seminars in NYC

by | November 6th, 2013


CaptureOur next free EGG FREEZING SEMINAR IS WEDNESDAY, November 6TH, at 6:00pm at our practice.  Each attendee will save $1000 off the cost of your egg freezing cycle!  Learn how you can “stop the clock” and preserve your fertility.

Egg Freezing Seminar Dates for 2013:
January 9th (Wed)
April 24th (Wed)
August 14th (Wed)
November 6th (Wed)

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The founder of New York Fertility Services, Joel Batzofin, M.D., began practicing at the advent of IVF. Fertility centers evolved as groundbreaking treatments and family-building options emerged. Our fertility doctors practice at the pinnacle of reproductive medicine—the ‘sweet spot’ where science, art and intuition meld. We are strong believers in combining advanced reproductive technologies with proven holistic, Eastern medicine therapies.

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