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Egg Freezing Seminars at New York Fertility Services

2017 Dates – TBA

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Everybody’s heard about sperm banks, but did you know that there’s such a thing as an egg bank? New York Fertility Services has been at the forefront of this exciting new fertility preservation option, and we invite all single and partnered women to learn about our successes.

We offer egg freezing seminars to explain how the procedure works and answer all of your questions. For women who don’t have insurance coverage for their cycle, we offer a $500 discount off the cost of your egg freezing cycle.  As an added bonus, if you book your $350 consultation and freeze your eggs by December 31, 2016; you’ll receive an additional discount of $350 off the cost of your cycle for a total discount of $850!!  We hope to see you!

We’ve all heard about the biological clock ticking for women’s fertility. Unfortunately, even though the modern world has given us treatments and possibilities beyond our wildest imagination, there’s no undoing the science of fertility.

A Magic Spell for Preserving Fertility

As women age, so do their eggs. There’s no magic spell to make a 40-year-old woman have 20-year-old eggs. But, through egg freezing, women who aren’t yet ready or able to start or continue childbearing have the option to freeze the clock at fertility clinics like New York Fertility Services.

The goal of egg freezing is to allow women and couples who aren’t ready to start or expand their families more time to get ready without worrying about egg-related fertility issues.

During the egg freezing procedure:

  1. A New York Fertility Center doctor retrieves and collects as many mature eggs as possible from a woman while she still has good quality eggs.
  2. Our PhD then fast freezes, or vitrify, eggs for best results so they remain good quality while they are frozen.
  3. The eggs can be frozen for as many as 10 years or even longer. When the woman is ready to try for pregnancy, the eggs are then thawed for use in an IVF procedure.

At New York Fertility Services we’re especially excited about egg freezing because it helps us serve women and couples seeking to preserve their fertility until they’re ready to get pregnant. Our motto is: Help preserve your fertility for the future so you can concentrate on living your life now!



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