RESOLVE Advocacy Day and Infertility Laws

RESOLVE Advocacy Day and Infertility Laws

by | May 16th, 2017


RESOLVE Advocacy Day and infertility laws

RESOLVE Advocacy Day and Infertility LawsIf you feel strongly that the infertility community should receive more access to care, and you care about the infertility community, our New York fertility specialist hopes you will join in RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day. On May 18, 2017, thousands of infertility advocates will travel to Washington, D.C., to make their voices heard. Their goal: to make sure our elected officials understand the impact of infertility laws on people who are trying to build their families.

Advocacy Day is hosted in partnership with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the esteemed professional organization of which Joel Batzofin, M.D., has been a member for more than three decades.

Make your voice heard on infertility laws

On Advocacy Day, people from across the infertility community – from physicians to patients and those who love them – talk to members of Congress about important issues, such as increased access to family-building options and financial relief for people who need infertility treatment. Watch for progress on these bills:

  • HR 273: Family Act
  • S 700 and H.R. 1681: Women Veterans and Families Health Services Act
  • An adoption tax credit
  • H.R. 586 and H.R. 681: Personhood bills

Should you choose to attend, RESOLVE paves the way by making appointments for you and providing all the training and information you need to take effective action. Best of all, you will meet and get to know people who are as passionate about infertility laws as you are, so you can make lifelong connections within the infertility community.

New York Advocacy Day

In addition, RESOLVE’s New York Advocacy Day took place April 25, 2017, in Albany. This special day brought the New York family-building community together to talk to New York State legislators about infertility laws, insurance coverage, fertility preservation for cancer patients, gestational surrogacy and family building.

To learn more about fertility treatment options available, contact us to schedule a consultation with a New York fertility specialist.

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