Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

by | February 7th, 2017


Don’t Let Infertility Suck the Love out of Your Valentine’s Day

For couples struggling with infertility, holidays can be a painful reminder that what you’ve been longing for is not yet here. Valentine’s Day should be all about you and your partner, but let’s be honest: infertile couples often spend this day of love with an aching hole in their hearts.

Valentine’s Day is the day of love

Infertility can be emotionally overwhelming for any couple, taking center stage and pushing the fun out of the relationship. Few things sap the joy of romance like sex on a schedule, so intimacy can begin to feel like it’s all about making a baby. If you’re trying on your own, and it’s taking too long, you’re probably also worried about what could possibly be wrong.

If you’ve already gotten an infertility diagnosis, you may both feel stressed about your treatment options and how you’ll pay for them. Or, if you’re doing in vitro fertilization, IVF, or an intrauterine insemination, IUI, cycle, it’s normal for that to become all you can think about.

No matter where you are on your infertility journey this Valentine’s Day, don’t let the love get lost. It’s you and your partner against the world, and you will make your dreams come true. But on Feb. 14, commit to setting those worries aside for a day.

  • Stay off of the internet, stop reading about infertility, step away from the online TTC chat group, and just be alone with each other.
  • Make a date to do something you both enjoy, so you can reconnect with the shared interests that brought you together.
  • Skip the family restaurant full of kids, and make a romantic candlelight dinner at home.
  • Make a pact to avoid discussing baby-making or infertility treatment for 24 hours.
  • Be intimate. Or don’t. Whatever feels right to you both.

Reconnect and renew your focus

Use this Valentine’s Day to refocus on the most important thing in your life: each other. Step away from your worries and reconnect, just for one day. Then, renew your focus on how you’ll achieve your goals – together.

If the struggle to conceive is wearing down your relationship, don’t wait to get answers and help from a fertility specialist. Your love will be stronger for it.

To learn more about infertility treatment options, contact us to schedule an appointment at our New York fertility center.

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