New York Fertility Services: Redefining Reproductive Medicine

The founder of New York Fertility Services, Joel Batzofin, M.D., began practicing at the advent of IVF. Fertility centers evolved as groundbreaking treatments and family-building options emerged. Our fertility doctor and his clinical staff practice at the pinnacle of reproductive medicine—the ‘sweet spot’ where science, art and intuition meld. We are strong believers in combining advanced reproductive technologies with proven holistic, Eastern medicine therapies.

Your Fertility Center Leadership Team

When you partner with New York Fertility Services, you gain access to an experienced and highly skilled staff that is passionate about patient care. At the helm, Joel Batzofin, M.D. directs patient care and fertility cycle strategies.  At New York Fertility Services, we work in a team environment, collaborating with each other, the IVF lab director and our highly credentialed patient care team.

Dr. Joel Batzofin brings exemplary qualifications to each new case, and more than 30 years of fertility experience.

• Dr. Batzofin, former chief resident at Harvard Medical School, completed fellowship training at Baylor College of Medicine as a reproductive endocrinologist and went on to establish one of the country’s largest fertility centers. Dr Batzofin feels called to his chosen profession, and lives out his mission by mentoring, teaching and contributing to scientific journals, medical school textbooks and research. As a fertility doctor, he offers hope to relieve suffering, and unwavering commitment to successful outcomes.

A Fully Credentialed IVF Lab, Experienced Fertility Doctors, Advanced Fertility Services … and One Significant Differentiator

You will find that patient care, comfort and consideration are the foundation to our fertility center. We open our doors to men and women from Long Island to Philadelphia who learn of our reputation for respect, inclusiveness and relentless pursuit of results. Our fertility doctor and his clinical team personally take your calls and emails, and care very much for each individual. We took an oath to “do no harm,” but pledge to go well beyond, providing for the mind, body and spirit as you undergo fertility treatment.

The New York Fertility Services midtown Manhattan location allows us to serve all of the neighborhoods of New York City, with commuter access connecting us to outlying communities, from Philadelphia to Long Island. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our renowned fertility doctor, Joel Batzofin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.