Dr. Keiko Des Jardins, RNP

keiko-jardinsDr. Keiko Des Jardins was born in Japan, working as a Doctor of Dental Surgeries while in Japan. She wanted to study holistic  whole body medicine and decided to come to the United States to study. After her pre-med studies in Hawaii, she transferred to Columbia University in New York to continue her pre-medical studies.  She entered the Nurse Practitioner program first on the path to practice medicine in the United States. Overcoming difficulties in language and cultural barriers, she graduated the Pace University Nurse Practitioner program with the honor of “Outstanding Student of the Year.”

She completed research on the influence of vitamin D supplementation on androgen in infertility care. She then was awarded her Doctor of Nurse Practitioner Degree. Continuing her medical education in the United Kingdom based Medical Doctor program at the University of Art Science and Technology Medical School, she graduated with a Doctorate of Medicine degree. She is involved with clinical training at various infertility care clinics. While preparing for the United States Medical Licensing Exam, she is working on contributing toward the Japanese community’s fertility care.  Dr. Keiko is proud to be seeing her patients at New York Fertility Services by appointment.