New York Fertility Success Rates

New York Fertility Success Rates are reported to SART, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

We report annually to SART and data are published by them after submission.   There has recently been discussion among the experts in the field, about just how meaningful this data proves to be for consumers.   While everyone acknowledges the importance of, and need for data reporting, an important consideration is whether a reporting clinic has specific exclusion criteria for patients and if so, what are they?   If a clinic accepts only “good prognosis” patients into their pool of patients, it stands to reason that the outcome data reported by that clinic, will be superior to that of a clinic that accepts “all comers” .  Therefore, it is essential that when a consumer tries to compare statistics between different clinics, they factor this into their evaluation.

At New York Fertility Services, we have a philosophy that “we treat people not numbers”.

New York Fertility

In our view, this is such an important concept that we have this as a tag line for our practice collateral materials. What this means is that we evaluate each case on its own merits.  We do not have specific parameters in place where we automatically exclude patients based upon their age, FSH level, or number of previous failed IVF cycles.

We evaluate the patient and describe in as much detail as possible to them, their specific likelihood of conception given the parameters of their case.  After this discussion, if the patient wishes to proceed with IVF treatment, we enter them into treatment, regardless of the fact that we know their chances of success are minimal.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to try and we work with our patients to give them this chance.


With this in mind, we present our outcome data for 2012, through the first quarter of 2013.

  • Total number of cycles performed resulting in embryo transfers = 130
  • Overall Pregnancy Rate for all non donor cases in patients </= 42 years of age = 41.2%  (28/68)
  • Donor Egg Pregnancy Rate = 47.8% (11/23)
  • Frozen Embryo Pregnancy Rate in all age categories = 63.6%  (14/22)

NYFS is proud of our results, especially due to the fact that we treat all patients regardless of prognosis. We do not have an age or FSH “cut off” but treat each patient individually.