Getting Pregnant With PCOS

Getting Pregnant Can Be a Challenge With PCOS

PCOS often affects fertility. In fact, many women discover that they have PCOS only after they have trouble getting pregnant and seek assistance from a fertility doctor.

Some of the most common causes of PCOS-related infertility are:

Chronically irregular menstrual cycles or absent periods
Well-balanced hormone production is crucial for successful reproduction. The hormonal imbalance characteristic of PCOS interferes with a well-regulated reproductive cycle, making pregnancy difficult.

Ovulation Disruption
For women with PCOS, the natural ovulation process is often disrupted. The ovaries don’t produce the right kind or proportion of hormones necessary to make an egg mature fully for ovulation. Without ovulation, the egg isn’t available for fertilization in the uterus, and there is no chance of pregnancy.

Women that are greater than 20 percent over their “ideal” weight often have difficulty getting pregnant. In 12 percent of infertility cases tested by doctors, the root cause is either weighing too much or too little. (Source: American Society for Reproductive Medicine)

With targeted treatments to restore fertility, many women with PCOS are able to conceive.

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