Randi Cestaro, PCOS Nutritionist

NYFS is proud to introduce their partnership with Integrative Nutritionist, Randi Cestaro.

cutRandi is the owner of Happy Healing, a premiere personal Nutrition Counseling company specifically for woman who suffer from PCOS.  Randi has over 10 years experience helping PCOS woman regain their hormone and blood sugar balance with her “Take Charge of Your PCOS” System. From the comfort of New York Fertility Services office, you can meet with her and follow Randi’s PCOS friendly menu planning and protocol to improve your hormonal balance and boost your fertility.

Randi is the author of “Take Charge of Your Gestational Diabetes” and “I Healed Myself from IBS and You Can Too.”  After healing herself from IBS and PCOS symptoms, she now helps clients achieve hormone and blood sugar stabilization through diet. With Randi’s help, clients have significantly reduced facial hair, hot flashes, mood swings, improved ovarian cysts and less painful menses cycles.

Randi Cestaro has been featured on About.com, and Ezine Articles. Her work has helped women get pregnant and thrive in their female bodies. She has been the key-speaker at the United Nations, Asphalt Green, and the Montefiore Institute.

We highly recommend trying Randi’s personal Take Charge of your PCOS Diet in conjunction with your fertility treatments. Many NYFS patients have enjoyed success with Randi guiding their nutrition and diet.  Read on for how it works and how you can work with Randi.

The proof is in science.

Regular exercise, healthy diet, weight control and not smoking are all important parts of treatment for PCOS.

Due to your body’s imbalance in blood sugar and hormone levels, you can be adversely affecting your chances to conceive, so it’s best to combine nutrition support with your fertility treatments.

What’s the solution?

You need the support of an expert who understands all the symptoms/issues that you are facing with PCOS. By simply changing your meals to a PCOS friendly diet you can improve your body’s hormone and blood sugar balance thus increasing your chances to conceive.

Progressive reproductive doctors know the research around the effects of food on your fertility and would recommend you to start changing your meals to a PCOS friendly diet before, during and beyond conception.

About Randi’s Take Charge of Your PCOS system:

Nationwide – woman are talking about Randi’s Take Charge of your PCOS system and just how simple Randi’s system is to change your diet to being PCOS friendly.

Clients feel comfortable working one on one with Randi in a supportive environment. Randi teaches her clients how to stabilize their blood sugar and hormone levels through diet, thus sharing her knowledge of the best supplements, products and meal planning in order for the client to reach their goal: stabilized hormones=better chance for conception.  Clients report feeling a dramatic difference in their health in only a few nutrition sessions.

Come see for yourself how nurturing, caring and understanding Randi is about your symptoms of PCOS.  Remember Randi also suffered from PCOS but now has her symptoms under control, thanks to her diet.



“I would consider Randi an expert in blood sugar and hormone stabilization, and without any hesitation would highly recommend her to any practice. Randi exhibits an abundance of unique qualities that cannot be taught and can only be obtained through natural instinct and commitment to her work”.

-Dr. Arthur Spokojony, MD, NYC



“With Randi’s PCOS friendly diet, I was able to reduce facial hair, loose weight and begin to have normal moods all day without the fits of rage I used to have prior to changing my diet.  I am thrilled my doctor referred me to Randi; her Take Charge of Your PCOS program really changed my life. “

-Kim S., CA


“Randi has helped me combat my PCOS symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, irregular periods and hair growth.  Randi was so great and supportive.  She helped me stay on track as my periods became more regular and I gained more energy.  I owe all this to Randi and her Take Charge of your PCOS program.”

-Aarti G., NYC


In addition, i also work with clients suffering from obesity and digestive issues, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I also support clients in helping them reach their physician recommended pre-pregnancy weight.

Our  one on one personalized sessions will include meal planning based on your life style.   Providing you with specific meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options, and how to stock your fridge to always ensure that you are eating healthy.

Within a caring and nurturing environment you will feel empowered to move through your health concerns.

“Im pregnant, i can hardly believe it. Randi you were a god sent, we could not have done this without your help”


 “I have been struggling to loose weight for years after my PCOS diagnosis, and after working with you, i was finally able to loose over 15 pounds, thank you”