Alcohol and Caffeine During Fertility Treatment

Alcohol and Caffeine During Fertility Treatment

by | December 26th, 2017


Questions about alcohol and caffeine during fertility treatment

Questions about alcohol and caffeine during fertility treatmentIf you’ve been trying to conceive and have moved on to fertility treatment with our NYC infertility specialist, you’ve probably already tried almost everything to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. But there’s one more change you need to make, and that’s avoiding alcohol and caffeine during fertility treatment.

For many people who don’t feel fully functional without a few cups of coffee in the morning or a soda during their afternoon slump, giving up caffeine may feel like a big sacrifice. And for a lot of us, a glass of wine or a cocktail is a nice way to unwind at the end of a long, stressful day. But if you’re committed to making your fertility treatment work, it’s time to rethink these habits.

Is it ok to drink alcohol and caffeine during fertility treatment?

Our NYC infertility specialist believes that a little education can go a long way toward increasing the success of your fertility treatment. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the positive changes that can encourage your body to be more baby-friendly, starting with limiting or eliminating alcohol and caffeine during fertility treatment.

Because it’s a stimulant for the nervous system, caffeine increases blood pressure and heart rate and can throw off your body’s metabolism. If your goal is to make your body pregnancy-friendly, all of these things have the opposite effect.

But it’s not just the female partner who should cut the caffeine. Studies have shown that the stimulant can also negatively affect a man’s fertility.

  • A miscarriage is almost twice as likely when either partner takes in three or more cups of caffeine a day before pregnancy.
  • Men who drink three or more eight-ounce cups of coffee daily are half as likely to get their partners pregnant as men who drink less than a cup.

As for alcohol, at least one study has found that when either the male or female partner has four or more drinks each week leading up to an IVF cycle, there’s a 48% higher risk of fertilization failure and a 21% lower chance of having a live baby. So, if you’re undergoing IVF, you and your partner should both quit drinking. It’s just not worth the risk.

Once you’re pregnant, there’s no amount of alcohol that’s safe to consume. Study after study has proven that drinking during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol syndrome and other birth defects, which can have a lifelong effect on your child’s development and quality of life.

Not sure? Ask your doctor

If you’re worried about going “cold turkey” and giving up alcohol and caffeine during fertility treatment, talk to your NYC infertility specialist about your concerns. But remember: Once you hold your baby in your arms, every sacrifice you made along the way will be worth it.

To learn more about alcohol and caffeine during fertility treatment, contact us today to schedule an appointment with our IVF expert, Joel Batzofin MD.

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