Clearing Up Misconceptions About IVF

Clearing Up Misconceptions About IVF

by | August 2nd, 2016


In vitro fertilization or IVF is among the most common fertility treatments, and it may be the answer to your family planning needs.

ivf factsHowever, it is important to fully understand the process and separate the truth from myth so that you can do your part to plan for success with the procedure. Below are some of the facts behind the most common misconceptions about IVF:

  • Myth: IVF is appropriate for all infertility cases 
    IVF is typically thought of as a last resort for fertility treatment, but it may actually be the first procedure recommended depending on your situation. Although IVF is a viable option for a wide range of fertility issues, it is not right for all couples. You should thoroughly discuss your case with your fertility specialist and make your decision based on the information your doctor presents.
  • Myth: Pregnancy with IVF is only achieved in young women 
    IVF is not limited to younger populations, and it can be an option for women over 35 looking to get pregnant. Donor eggs can be used for the procedure in older women, which can increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.
  • Myth: Failed IVF procedures are the result of post-embryo transfer effects 
    There are some ways that you can increase the chances of success with IVF, such as improvements to your diet and changes to your medication. Before embryo transfer, your health history will be thoroughly reviewed so that any necessary changes to your lifestyle can be made. You will have a list of activities to avoid after embryo transfer, but behavior of the mother is typically not the cause for failed procedures.

If you are having difficulty achieving your goals to start a family, consult the professional, experienced, and caring staff of New York Fertility Services. We can help you understand all of your options for fertility treatment. Schedule a consultation to discuss your situation by visiting our website or calling (212) 679-2289.

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