Donor Services

Exploring Donor Services at our Infertility Center

Choosing donor options to build your family should be a positive experience. At New York Fertility Services, we are experienced in helping you understand donor services, and make the most of today’s advanced technology. From gestational surrogates to frozen eggs and sperm, we can connect you with the program that suits your needs.

You may have started with infertility treatment, or transitioned directly to donor services. Either way, our infertility center team will help you over the learning curve, providing one-on-one attention and resources that will outline alternative options.

Nothing matters more to our infertility center than your successful pregnancy!

Who Needs Donor Eggs?

Female infertility issues are caused by ovulation disorders, tubal blockages, uterine problems and age. Same sex couples, gay men who wish to become fathers, also need donor eggs.

Frozen egg banks store highly screened, good quality eggs from a donor base of young, healthy women. These egg donors choose to help others with the life-changing decision to donate reproductive potential.

Frozen eggs are ready at a moment’s notice to coincide with your successful fertility cycle.

For same-sex couples and women facing severe infertility, frozen egg banks provide an essential source for a cycle of in-vitro fertilization IVF or gestational surrogacy. Our fertility center embryologists will fertilize the donor egg with the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm to create an embryo. We then transfer this embryo back to the mother or a gestational surrogate.

To date, approximately 12 percent of IVF cycles involve donor eggs, and according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, it is associated with one of the highest success rates.

Frozen Egg Banks or Fresh Cycle Donor Eggs –What’s the Difference?

Our infertility center provides an in-house egg donor program. That means that we have already interviewed, screened and prepared our egg donors to participate in a cycle of ovulation induction and egg retrieval. When you decide that it is time to proceed with a fertility treatment cycle, we will assist in matching you with the ideal donor.

Donor egg costs will be determined by your choice of a frozen or fresh egg cycle, and decision to use a known or anonymous donor.

Building Your Family with Alternative Parenting Options

Singles and couples in the LGBT community partner with our infertility center because we provide an uplifting, supportive and professional atmosphere during this exciting journey. Our fertility doctors have a long history of matching men and women with donor eggs, donor sperm, and gestational surrogates.

For lesbian couples that wish to equally participate in the pregnancy, if medically feasible, we frequently suggest reciprocal IVF where the eggs of one partner are harvested and after fertilization, they are transferred into the other partner.

Donor services have helped couples and singles fulfill their dreams for a family. If you live in the New York area, from Long Island to Hartford, contact us at our infertility center for a consultation with our experienced and compassionate reproductive endocrinologists.