Age Limits for Donor Eggs

When is a woman too old to be a mother?

Does the fact that women, who already outlive men, now attain an average life span of over 80 years of age entitle them to expand the limits of their reproductive performance? How does one rate the potential benefit of maturity, financial stability and stability, all tempered by age have on child rearing against the influence of youth with it s clear physical and temporal advantages but which carries with it the ills of less stability maturity, wisdom, experience and perhaps long term commitment to family.

Does the sharing of exposure to youthful physical endeavors with youthful parents outweigh the potential benefits of exposure to greater intellectual stimulation which is more likely to occur with more mature parents, albeit for a potentially shorter period of time? These are some of the questions that come up in considering the justification and merits associated with parenting at an older age. Each person is unique and these issues must be addressed in a responsible manner with careful consideration being given to all factors. Just because science can do something, does not always mean that it should. However, fortunately we live in a society where the rights and wishes of individuals are given a very high priority.