Benefits of Frozen Eggs

The benefits of frozen eggs in IVF

Whatever your reason for considering IVF with donor eggs, you have a choice of using either a fresh donor cycle or frozen donor eggs. Our Manhattan fertility center is happy to help you find the genetic material you need for your IVF cycle, starting with a complete understanding of all available options, including the benefits of frozen eggs.

Using frozen donor eggs can give you greater control over the timing of your fertility treatment, as donated eggs are previously frozen and waiting for you. You can order eggs now, then store them until you are ready for your cycle and your uterus is prepared to accept an embryo. With fresh donor eggs, your IVF cycle must be synchronized with your egg donor’s IVF cycle, which creates uncertainty related to each party’s availability, the response to fertility medications and the number of eggs produced.

Adding to the benefits of frozen eggs, our Manhattan egg freezing center is a network clinic of the Egg Donor Cryobank Network (EDCB), giving you fast, affordable access to frozen eggs from a large, diverse donor database of highly screened young women. You can choose your donor by the traits that matter most to you, including education, ethnicity, interests, appearance and personality, then reserve a batch of eggs to use when you are ready to proceed with IVF.

As a network clinic with an extensive track record of success, we also provide state-of-the-art egg freezing for donors who are accepted into the EDCB donation program.

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In addition to being able to choose from a diverse selection of eggs from carefully screened donors, you can also enjoy many other benefits of frozen eggs as part of your IVF cycle at our Manhattan egg freezing center.

  • All egg donors are medically, genetically and psychologically screened, offering a high chance of conceiving a successful pregnancy.
  • EDCB uses only the latest vitrification technology for optimal results.
  • Eggs are immediately available when you need them, with no waiting for a donor to undergo an IVF cycle.
  • There’s no risk of a donor changing her mind or responding poorly to medications because the eggs are already frozen.
  • You receive a known number of eggs, which removes uncertainty.
  • Using frozen eggs from EDCB costs about 30% to 50% less than fresh egg donation.
  • There’s no need to synchronize your cycle with a donor’s cycle, so you can try for pregnancy whenever you are ready.
  • You can avoid creating frozen embryos that won’t be used, and any unused eggs can be stored for future use.
  • There’s no need to travel to a faraway fertility center to work with the right donor.
  • All legal aspects of using an egg donor are handled for you.

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While the benefits of frozen donor eggs are clear, the choice is ultimately yours. We are happy to help you choose the donor egg option that feels right to you.

To learn more about using frozen donor eggs from EDCB, please contact us to schedule a consultation with our Manhattan egg freezing specialist.