Egg Donor, Sperm Donor and Surrogacy Agencies

Third-party reproduction can help patients become proud parents

The team at our Manhattan fertility center recognizes that some men and women need third-party reproduction to welcome a healthy baby into their lives. New York Fertility Services works with a number of high-quality egg donor, sperm donor and surrogacy agencies.

A look at egg donor agencies

Egg Donor Cryo Bank (EDCB) is the preferred egg donation agency of our Manhattan fertility center. This agency provides hopeful parents with access to a diverse database of highly qualified, prescreened egg donors.

Men and women find that frozen eggs have many benefits, including the ability to begin a treatment cycle at any time because the eggs are already available. Frozen donor eggs also offer affordability, typically costing 30% to 50% less than fresh eggs.

Options for sperm donation agencies

Our Manhattan fertility center works with many sperm banks that offer a variety of high-quality donors who have been screened for infectious and genetic diseases. Two of our favorite agencies are California Cryobank and European Sperm Bank USA.

When you are ready to conceive using donor sperm, the agency will ship the frozen sperm directly to our Manhattan fertility center so that you can begin fertility treatment.

Finding a surrogacy agency

With help from surrogacy agencies, hopeful parents can find caring women to carry and deliver their baby. Our Manhattan fertility center works with The Surrogacy Group and Extraordinary Conceptions, which have surrogates who are immediately available. We also partner with Yifat Shaltiel, Esq., of the Shaltiel Law Group, LLC, World Wide Surrogacy Specialists and Surrogate Steps.

Find the right agency for you

While these agencies are the preferred partners for our Manhattan fertility center, there are many other options and our team is happy to work with you and whatever agency you select to help you build or grow your family.

New York Fertility Services is a leader in third-party reproduction. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help make your dreams of parenthood come true.