Dr. Joel Batzofin and Egg Freezing

Dr. Joel Batzofin and Egg Freezing

by | August 14th, 2018


Fertility preservation with egg freezing

Fertility preservation with egg freezingWith more women delaying motherhood, Manhattan fertility specialist Dr. Joel Batzofin has seen more women opting for egg freezing. This trend is encouraging because women are born with a finite number of eggs. In fact, peak fertility occurs in a woman’s mid-20s, takes a steep decline in her mid-30s and drops drastically after the age of 40.

How egg freezing can help

Because of the decrease in the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs as she ages, it’s important for women who would like to delay motherhood beyond their early to mid-30s to consider the benefits of egg freezing.

  • A chance for a healthier pregnancy. The decrease in the quality of aging eggs makes women susceptible to pregnancy complications and miscarriage. If she’s utilizing eggs that were frozen when they were young and healthy, the chances of developing pregnancy complications are reduced.
  • Peace of mind. When a woman is able to preserve healthy eggs, she feels less pressure to conceive before she is ready. Egg freezing puts her in the position to focus on her career, education or finding the partner she wants to have children with, without worrying about the quality and quantity of her eggs.

Manhattan fertility specialist Dr. Joel Batzofin is an expert on reproductive aging and egg freezing, having lectured and published extensively on these topics. He can support women interested in preserving their fertility through egg freezing.

The benefits of counseling

Dr. Joel Batzofin feels that all women desiring children past their reproductive peak can benefit from counseling sessions related to reproductive aging and egg freezing.

  • Multiple studies have revealed that reproductive-aged women are not adequately informed on reproductive aging and the availability of egg freezing.
  • Empowering women with knowledge about reproductive aging and elective fertility preservation is an integral part of a woman’s reproductive autonomy.

Recently, Dr. Joel Batzofin has conducted research with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to help better counsel women on reproductive aging and elective fertility preservation.

His approach to egg freezing is to provide extensive counseling on reproductive aging and the availability of egg freezing while also supporting women during the decision-making process.

Contact us to make an appointment with Manhattan fertility specialist Dr. Joel Batzofin to discuss your fertility preservation options.

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