Egg Freezing with Vitrification

Vitrification, an ultra-rapid method of egg freezing, has made egg freezing a reliable way to preserve fertility

Oocyte cryopreservation, or  egg freezing has been available for many years, but the old method of slow freezing often resulted in damaged eggs. Vitrification, which is the only method of egg freezing we use at our New York fertility center. It rapidly freezes eggs within seconds to prevent damage to the sensitive egg.

Egg damage from older freezing methods

Eggs have a high water content, which may cause damage during the slow freezing process. Slow freezing allows for crystallization of the water in the cell resulting in sharp ice crystals which could damage the egg during the thawing process. The slow freezing process also allows water in the cells to expand, which could cause damage to the fragile egg membrane. Vitrification’s rapid freezing process eradicated those water and ice crystal problems.

Vitrification at our New York fertility center

During your egg retrieval, our fertility doctor, Joel Batzofin, MD, aspirates the follicular fluid and the eggs contained within it, and collects it in a test tube. This tube is very promptly delivered to our embryologist for analysis, processing and vitrification.

During vitrification, your eggs are rapidly frozen, then stored in liquid nitrogen. We offer short-term storage in our IVF lab for 1 year and we will assist you with long term storage for egg freezing.

Is vitrification safe?

Vitrification is a much safer and more effective method of egg freezing than slow freezing, and the survival rate of the eggs proves this—approximately 80 to 90% of eggs frozen with vitrification survive the thawing process. In addition, frozen eggs can remain viable for as long as 10 years. We do not have enough evidence yet to know if frozen eggs can survive longer than that.

In addition, current research has not shown any increased risk of birth defects or developmental delays in babies born from frozen eggs.

Vitrification and egg freezing give you the option of creating your family when the time is right for you

Our New York fertility center is pleased to offer egg freezing as an option for women who want to preserve their fertility for the future for any reason. We believe this is an exciting opportunity for women who want to plan ahead while deferring motherhood. Contact us for more information.