When to Freeze Eggs

Timing is everything: When to freeze eggs

In the age of IVF, more women are counting on advanced reproductive technology to allow them to delay motherhood until the time is right. But women are born with a finite number of eggs, which diminish in both quantity and quality over time. Understanding when to freeze eggs can help you decide if you need to see a Manhattan egg freezing expert to start the process now, or whether you have time to wait to preserve your fertility.

How to know when to freeze eggs

Our Manhattan egg freezing specialist often say that the younger you are when you freeze your eggs, the more high-quality eggs you are likely to preserve with a single IVF cycle. A woman’s fertility peaks in her 20s, making this the ideal window for women to learn about fertility preservation and decide when to freeze eggs.

However, fertility preservation isn’t just for women in their 20s. Egg freezing is a personal choice that can be an excellent option in a variety of other situations.

You may wish to consider freezing your eggs if:

  • At any age, fertility tests reveal that you have a diminished ovarian reserve.
  • You are in your early 30s and don’t yet have a partner or are focused on other priorities, but hope to be a mother someday.
  • You have been diagnosed with cancer or another medical condition that requires chemotherapy, radiation to the pelvic area or surgery on the reproductive organs.
  • You need IVF to achieve pregnancy, but don’t wish to create and store frozen embryos.
  • You are preparing for a military deployment and want to take advantage of the U.S. military’s egg freezing benefits.
  • You are preparing for female-to-male sex reassignment surgery and wish to preserve the possibility of having a biological child in the future.

Women with a lower ovarian reserve related to age or infertility may require more than one IVF cycle to freeze enough eggs. In general, we do not recommend egg freezing for women older than 38. Your egg freezing specialist can help you understand your personal chances of success based on the results of your fertility testing, and can help you decide when to freeze eggs.

Don’t wait to get tested

If you are weighing the idea of egg freezing, it’s important to make an appointment for a comprehensive fertility evaluation now, as diminished ovarian reserve can begin at any age. There is no commitment, and seeing a fertility specialist for fertility testing can give you a clear idea of whether you need to act quickly to preserve your fertility, or if you have time to wait.

To learn more about when to freeze eggs, please contact us to schedule a consultation with our Manhattan egg freezing specialist.