Annual Exam

Expect Comprehensive Gynecological Care at New York Fertility Services with our Well Woman Annual Exam

At New York Fertility Services, we know that fertility issues are just one component of women’s reproductive lives and health. Some fertility centers overlook general gynecological care for fertility patients because of the focus on pregnancy. Our physicians serve as both obstetricians and gynecologists and reproductive endocrinologists. We offer much more than fertility treatment for our patients – we treat the whole woman.

The Importance of the Annual Woman’s Exam

Well-woman checkups are an essential part of reproductive and whole health care, especially for women who hope to get pregnant one day. These annual woman’s exams can detect issues before they develop into a problem. Prevention and early treatment, important for overall wellness, can also optimize your fertility.

Components of the Annual Woman’s Exam

Annual exams for fertility patients are very similar to those for women not experiencing fertility challenges. Well-woman visits at New York Fertility Services are customized for each patient, depending on her age, individual risk factors and health history. They often include:

  • Counseling about maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Education about minimizing health risks
  • Measurement of vital signs, weight and body mass index
  • Screening for new health issues
  • Physical examination, including pelvic exam and breast exam
  • Immunizations

Gynecological Conditions Discovered in an Annual Woman’s Exam Preserve Fertility

Well-woman exams can uncover underlying health issues that might affect women’s fertility. Even if a woman isn’t trying to get pregnant, she should take steps to protect her reproductive health. Conditions often discovered through annual exams include:

Gynecological Treatments for Fertility Patients

Our fertility specialists have all pursued intensive gynecological training well beyond the scope of fertility. Beyond the annual woman’s exam, we offer comprehensive treatment for most gynecological conditions that may or may not underlie fertility challenges for our patients.

Treatments range from medical management to minimally invasive outpatient surgical procedures, depending on the condition, severity and physician’s evaluation. In each case, your physician will discuss the treatment options and include you in the decision-making process.

New York Fertility Services devotes a clinic entirely to women with PCOS. Dr. Batzofin, an expert in this condition, leads the PCOS clinic.; and is assisted by Selinda Salazar, PA-C.

New York Fertility Services is convenient to midtown Manhattan and the areas of Hartford, Stamford and beyond. If you would like to start a relationship with a physician that can provide both general gynecological care and specialized fertility treatment, contact us to schedule an appointment for your annual woman’s exam.