Fertility Options for Single Men

Learn about fertility options for single men

Many men are surprised to learn that fertility care isn’t just for women. We offer several fertility options for single men that can help them learn about their fertility potential, preserve their fertility for the future and even become single fathers.

Each year, a growing number of men seek out our NYC surrogacy center for specialized reproductive care services that are not offered by their primary care doctor or other specialist physicians. If you’re a single man who would like to start a family or get answers about your reproductive capabilities, we can help.

Three types of fertility options for single men

Whether you’re ready to become a father, you’re interested in preserving your fertility or you just want to understand more about your reproductive potential, there’s no reason to wait to explore fertility options for single men.

It’s natural for men to be curious about their fertility potential. Male fertility testing provides answers, and is often covered by insurance. One of the most common tests is semen analysis. Skilled andrologists at our laboratory examine a semen sample to see how many sperm are present, if they are shaped normally and whether they can swim.

Should the semen analysis undercover any issues, your fertility specialist can explain your options, which may include additional testing, lifestyle changes to boost your fertility or a referral to another specialist for treatment.

A growing number of men aren’t waiting to find the perfect partner before becoming a father. Today’s advanced fertility treatments make it possible to use donor eggs and surrogacy to have a biological child whenever you feel you are ready for fatherhood. At our NYC surrogacy center, you can choose your egg donor based on traits that are important to you. Once the donor eggs have been retrieved, they will be combined with your sperm, and the resulting embryos will grow in our IVF laboratory.

Then, one embryo can be transferred to a surrogate of your choice, who will carry your baby. The remaining embryos will be frozen in case the first transfer is unsuccessful or you’d like to one day have a sibling for your child. Our NYC surrogacy center will coordinate everything for you, your egg donor and your surrogate, making the process as seamless and easy as possible.

If you know you want to one day be a dad, but you’re not quite ready yet, fertility preservation protects your options. Many men choose sperm freezing before cancer treatment or military deployment, preserving their ability to father a child even if they should one day become infertile. Frozen sperm can be stored indefinitely and used to conceive your child whenever the time is right, even if that time is years or decades away.

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Thanks to advances in reproductive endocrinology, men have more options for fertility diagnosis, preservation and treatment than ever before. To learn more about fertility options for single men, contact us to schedule an appointment at our NYC surrogacy center.