Fertility Options for Single Women

Fertility Options for Single Women Who Want to Be Moms

If you’ve always dreamed of having a child of your own, but your life circumstances haven’t yet taken you toward that goal, you don’t have to wait. Our fertility center in NY offers several fertility options for single women that enable women of virtually any age to make their dreams of motherhood come true.

We are happy to work with you to achieve your parenting goals, and welcome you to learn more about the fertility options for single women that can help you become a mother now, or preserve your fertility for the future.

Multiple Fertility Options for Single Women

At our fertility center in NY, fertility options for single women cover the entire range of diagnosis and treatment to help make motherhood attainable.

The first step in any of our fertility options for single women is comprehensive fertility testing, including documentation of your medical history, a physical exam, blood tests and sonograms to determine your ovarian reserve, and other tests to ensure that your reproductive organs are functioning normally. Should any infertility issues be found, your fertility specialist will work with you to determine the best approach to achieve your goal. Otherwise, your first-line fertility treatment will likely be IUI with donor sperm.

IUI with Donor Sperm

In an IUI cycle, you will be treated with medication to help your body produce multiple eggs. Your fertility specialist will carefully monitor egg development, then at exactly the right time, your donor sperm will be thawed and washed to ensure that only the healthiest sperm are used. Your fertility specialist will place the sperm directly into your uterus through a catheter passed through your cervix. For women with no infertility issues, the odds of conceiving are about 15% to 20% per cycle, or 85% over four to six cycles.

Should you have fertility issues that prevent you from achieving pregnancy with IUI, you may be a candidate for IVF with donor sperm or, in severe cases of infertility, donor sperm and donor eggs. As with an IUI cycle, you or your egg donor will take medication to stimulate the production of multiple eggs. When the eggs reach maturity, they will be retrieved under anesthesia, then combined in our IVF lab with donor sperm to achieve fertilization. The resulting embryos will be allowed to grow, and the best will be chosen for transfer to your uterus. The remaining embryos will be frozen for future use.

If you know you want to be a mom someday, but are not yet ready for IUI or IVF, egg freezing lets you preserve your fertility. The process is the same as a typical IVF cycle, except that after retrieval, your eggs will be cryopreserved and can be stored for years, until you are ready to proceed with fertilization.

About Donor Sperm

We take the responsibility of using donor gametes to conceive a child very seriously. In addition to educating you on your fertility treatment and its implications, we can arrange for all patients using donor services to visit with a counselor to ensure that you are prepared for the unique considerations of raising a donor-conceived child.

We work with several reputable, licensed sperm banks and are happy to assist you in choosing the perfect donor for IUI or IVF. If you have a known donor willing to help you achieve your dream, we are happy to work with both of you to ensure the highest standard of safety and ethical treatment. Should you wish to store additional sperm so that you may one day try to conceive a genetic sibling for your child, our fertility center in NY provides long-term storage services.

To learn more about fertility options for single women, contact our fertility center in NY.