Gender Selection

Gender selection for family balancing or medical reasons

For hundreds of years, couples have tried everything from different sexual positions to studying calendars to try to influence the gender of their children, but there’s only one method of gender selection that is virtually 100% reliable: preimplantation genetic screening, or PGS. Our Manhattan fertility specialist offers this service to anyone hoping to pre-determine the sex of their next child, whether for medical or personal reasons.

Gender selection requires the female partner to undergo at least one cycle of IVF, which involves taking ovarian stimulation medications to prompt her ovaries to produce multiple eggs at once. These eggs are retrieved and fertilized in our laboratory with the partner’s or a donor’s sperm.

For PGS, a few cells from each of the resulting embryos are then sent to a specialized genetics laboratory, where they are examined for chromosomal abnormalities and their sex is determined. Only chromosomally normal embryos of the desired sex are then transferred to the woman’s uterus to achieve pregnancy.

Reasons to consider gender selection

While elective gender selection is somewhat controversial and is rarely covered by insurance, our Manhattan fertility specialist can order this advanced testing for any hopeful parents who request it, for any reason.

Many people have good reasons for wanting to determine the sex of their future child.

  • Family balancing. Some families with all boys or all girls may choose to have another child only if they can be sure the baby will be the opposite sex.
  • Sex-linked genetic disorders. More than 500 genetic diseases are linked to the X or Y chromosome, so they can be passed down from parent to child only in girls or only in boys. PGS allows hopeful parents to break the chain of inheritable genetic disease through gender selection.
  • Secondary infertility. Parents who already have one or more children might need IVF to become pregnant and are happy to be able to choose the sex of their next baby.
  • An added benefit of PGS. Some people elect to use PGS to find a genetic cause of recurrent miscarriage or reduce the risk of having a child with a lifelong disability or illness. Being able to select the gender of their child is an added benefit, though that information can be shielded if the hopeful parents prefer not to know.

Because the natural rate of gender selection is about 50% females and 50% males, we carefully log all gender selection requests for males and females each year. This allows us to maintain a 50/50 ratio year over year so that our efforts do not interfere with nature’s balance.

Explore your options

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When a sperm with a Y chromosome fertilizes an egg, it makes a boy.

When an X chromosome bearing sperm fertilizes, it makes a girl.