Healthy Pregnancy

Do’s and Don’t’s for a Healthy Pregnancy

When you do achieve success with your fertility treatment, Dr. Batzofin has some important information to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy!

  1. Do eat nutritious food and avoid uncooked foods.
  2. Avoid all smoking
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol.  A fetus has almost no ability to metabolize alcohol and therefore should be avoided.
  4. Take prenatal vitamins including Iron ( to prevent anemia which is common in pregnancy) and Folic Acid to lower the incidence of neural tube birth defects
  5. Exercise in moderation – avoid heavy impact exercises, for example; trampoline jumping.    Horseback riding is questionable.  Some form of exercise is beneficial unless there is active bleeding.
  6. Prenatal care is very important.
  7. Sexual relations are fine so long as no bleeding and no ruptured membranes.  If bleeding, rest and refraining from sexual intercourse is important until bleeding stops.
  8. Be cautious with respect to prescription drugs – make sure the treating doctor is aware that you are pregnant.  The early stages of pregnancy – weeks 2 – 10 are critical because of organogenesis taking place and it is important to limit prescription drug ingestion because of teratogenicity.   For prescription drugs, benefits of use must always outweigh the risks.
  9. Travel in pregnancy should only take place when necessary and ideally only during the second trimester.   With travel, especially to remote places, there is a risk of exposure to bacteria, food and water contamination and so forth.  Some infections like acute lysteria, can be devastating in pregnancy.  In later stages of pregnancy, there is always the risk of preterm labor and delivery and ideally the person should not be far from their treating physician or midwife who is familiar with their case.
  10. Preparation for delivery and the immediate post delivery period.  Good pre-natal care involves preparation for child birth and the issues of the immediate post delivery period for things like breast feeding, early infant nutrition, care of the neonate etc


Rev 4/12