Male Fertility Exam

On-site male fertility exam evaluates a man’s fertility potential

Before seeking fertility treatment, it’s important to consider the complete picture of both partners’ fertility. In about 30% of cases, male factor is either the primary cause of a couples’ infertility, or a contributing factor. A male fertility exam provides detailed information to help you better understand your fertility so that the most effective treatment plan can be designed to meet your goals.

Joel Batzofin, M.D., is uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat infertility in both men and women, thanks to extensive, specialized training as a reproductive endocrinologist and a NY male infertility specialist. His expertise with male reproductive and genitourinary disorders allows him to provide a complete male fertility exam at our office, often eliminating the need for a separate visit to the urologist.

The male fertility exam provides half the picture

The male fertility exam typically begins with questions about your sexual and medical history, as well as any lifestyle factors that could affect your fertility.

  • Prior attempts to become a father
  • Any sexual dysfunction you have experienced
  • Medications you’re taking
  • Prior surgeries to the abdomen or reproductive organs
  • Your diet and exercise routine
  • Use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco
  • Exposure to chemicals, toxins or heat

Your male fertility exam will also include a physical exam, including a tactile examination of your reproductive organs. This exam can be performed right in our office, thanks to Dr. Batzofin’s specialized training and certifications in male infertility, and can help detect certain physical abnormalities in the genitourinary tract such as:

At your male fertility exam, Dr. Batzofin can order blood work to check your hormone levels and genetics. The primary baseline test for male infertility, the semen analysis, can also be performed to evaluate sperm motility, morphology and concentration.

For the semen analysis, you will provide a sample of ejaculate for evaluation by andrologists at our IVF lab. Once results are completed, you will receive a detailed report about how many sperm are present and whether they are alive, shaped normally and able to swim. If your semen analysis results are abnormal, Dr. Batzofin may order additional tests to determine the most effective treatment for you.

Get tested, get answers

The male fertility exam is an important starting point for couples on their infertility journey, as well as for men who simply want to better understand their fertility.

To learn more about the male fertility exam, contact us to schedule an appointment with our NY male infertility specialist.