Male Fertility Testing

Get the whole picture with male fertility testing

Many fertility centers can order basic male fertility testing, but for more advanced diagnosis and treatment of male factor infertility, additional expertise in reproductive andrology and male infertility is necessary. Thanks to his rare combination of dual specialty training, Joel Batzofin, M.D., can provide an advanced level of diagnosis and treatment for men seeking answers about their fertility.

In addition to his specialty training in Obstetrics and Gynecology and his fellowship training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Dr. Batzofin completed a second fellowship in Reproductive Andrology and Male Infertility. This extra level of specialized training means that Dr. Batzofin is uniquely qualified to address female and male fertility concerns.

At our NYC fertility center, men can receive a full male fertility workup – including male fertility testing, blood work to check hormone levels, genetic screening and physical exams – as an integrated part of couples’ fertility care. Dr. Batzofin’s ability to diagnose and treat male reproductive and genitourinary disorders often eliminates the extra step of visiting a separate male fertility specialist or urologist to get the answers and treatment you need to have a baby.

Types of male fertility testing

Men who want to become fathers are often interested in understanding their fertility potential, and for couples struggling with infertility, male fertility testing is a necessary first step when seeking answers and developing an effective treatment plan.

Dr. Batzofin’s specialized expertise in male fertility testing and treatment makes our NYC fertility center a valuable resource for men seeking to learn about their fertility or overcome infertility to father children.

Male fertility testing often begins with a physical exam, blood work and semen analysis. Should your test results be abnormal, Dr. Batzofin may order additional testing to learn more about the cause of your fertility issues, so that he can provide the appropriate treatment to improve your fertility and help you achieve pregnancy with your partner.

Get tested, get answers

Our NYC fertility center welcomes men at all stages of life who want to better understand their fertility, or who are seeking diagnosis and treatment for known or suspected issues with their reproductive or genitourinary systems.

To learn more about male fertility testing, contact us to schedule an appointment with our NYC fertility specialist.