Take control of your health with a PCOS diet

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a common cause of female infertility, but it’s also a lifelong condition that can be managed to help improve your quality of life. Since “you are what you eat,” a targeted PCOS diet is one way you can take control of your health and live well with PCOS.

Why you need a PCOS diet

PCOS causes insulin resistance and high levels of insulin in the body, which can lead to higher levels of male hormones that trigger weight gain, unusual hair growth and irregular menstrual cycles. PCOS can also make it harder for a woman to get pregnant.

Many women with PCOS gain weight around the belly. That “spare tire” is particularly bad for your health, as abdominal fat comes with a higher risk of heart disease. Women with PCOS are also more likely to suffer from high cholesterol, endometrial cancer, diabetes and sleep apnea.

The good news is, you can control a lot of these symptoms and risk factors by adopting a PCOS diet to help you get healthy and shed those extra pounds. In fact, losing just 10% of your weight may be enough to alleviate symptoms and improve your fertility.

Our fertility center provides the services of a nutritionist who specializes in PCOS to help women establish a healthy PCOS diet, set goals and track their progress. Our resident PCOS diet expert, Randi Cestaro, is here to guide you through her “Take Charge of Your PCOS” diet plan to help you get your hormone levels back on track – naturally.

  • BMI measurement
  • Menu planning
  • Dietary supplements
  • PCOS nutrition education

With Randi’s help, many of our PCOS patients have been delighted to experience a reduction in symptoms and an improvement in their reproductive potential.

Talk to our nutritionist

With a personalized PCOS diet, combined with consistent, specialized care and monitoring through our NYFS PCOS clinic, you can take control of your health and reduce your PCOS symptoms.

To get started with your customized PCOS diet, contact us to schedule a consultation with our PCOS expert in Manhattan.