Single Embryo Transfers

Decreasing the Chance of Twins with IVF through Single Embryo Transfers

Some couples that have already tried many fertility treatments hesitate before going on to IVF because they don’t want multiples. While for some people the prospect of twins is a bonus, others know they only want one child and aren’t sure IVF is worth the risk. With a recent innovation in the fertility field, there’s a new option for these couples. Using this leading edge technique, the fertility specialists at New York Fertility Services are decreasing the chance of twins with IVF.

Traditional IVF and Multiples

In traditional IVF [], 2-3 mature embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus with the hopes that one will successfully implant and develop into a healthy pregnancy. Multiples result when, instead of one, two or more of the embryos implant. This used to be the preferred option for couples seeking IVF, even if they only wanted a single child.

Elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET) Helps Decrease Twins with IVF

A new IVF treatment called eSET decreases or even eliminates the chance of having twins with IVF. The eSET procedure transfers only one single embryo, decreasing the chance for twins with IVF while keeping the IVF success rate high.

Who Should Get eSET?

Some of the factors to consider when deciding to pursue this fertility treatment are:

  • Age of the person who supplied the egg – Whether the embryos are a product of the woman’s own eggs or from a donor, age is a factor in both the likelihood of IVF success and the risks of carrying a multiple pregnancy.
  • Quality of the embryos – The higher the quality of the embryos, the higher the chances of a successful implantation. If the embryos are high quality, fewer can be used.
  • Strong preference for single birth with IVF – For women or couples that know they couldn’t manage a multiple birth for personal, financial or health reasons, eSET is the only way of decreasing the chance of twins with IVF.

Our fertility experts at New York Fertility Services, Dr. Batzofin and Dr. Ressler, would be happy to discuss eSET and its success rate for decreasing the chance of twins with IVF. If you live anywhere in the New York metropolitan area, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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