Sperm Washing for IUI

Treating Male Infertility with IUI and Sperm Wash

The treatment of male factor infertility is one of the true success stories in the field of assisted reproduction. Disorders of sperm quality range from a low count or motility to a complete absence of sperm production. Deformities of the sperm cell shape (morphology) are also important to its ability to fertilize the egg.

Mild abnormalities of semen parameters can be effectively treated using techniques that “wash” out the seminal plasma and improve the concentration of normally shaped motile sperm, which are then transferred to the uterus via an intrauterine insemination. However, for more severe conditions this treatment is inadequate. With a total motile cell concentration of less than 10 million cells per ml or a normal morphology of less than 4% by strict criteria, the chance of fertilization failure is very high, even with IVF.