Finding Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day While Facing Infertility

Finding Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day While Facing Infertility

by | May 10th, 2014


SONY DSCCouples experiencing fertility issues sometimes have a difficult time celebrating holidays since they can be a reminder of the family they wish for but can’t seem to achieve.

Mother’s Day can feel especially challenging when facing infertility.

Through our years of experience helping couples create the families of their dreams, at New York Fertility Services, we have constant reminders of how resilient our patient community is, and how much there is to celebrate … even on potentially difficult days like Mother’s Day.


We’d like to share some of the lessons our fertility specialists have learned from our patients over the years:

We have all been mothered:

The very fact that our patients want to become mothers is the best demonstration of the wonderful mothering they’ve received, whether by their actual mother, a female relative or a family friend. On this day we can truly appreciate the nurturing women in our life that support us in our happiest and most challenging moments.

You don’t have to be a mother to nurture a child:

The most important women in our lives haven’t necessarily been our mothers. We can all play important, nurturing roles in children’s lives, even if they aren’t our “own.” Forging close bonds with the children of relatives or friends – or through volunteer programs like Big Brother/Big Sister – gives a richness and reward to our lives whether we are parents or not.

Community builds strength:

If you’re having a hard time coping with feelings of disappointment, impatience, or frustration in your path to motherhood, remember to reach out to other people going through a similar experience. The one thing we know from our clinical fertility practice: You are not alone. If you don’t know other women facing fertility challenges, do some research online to connect with groups in New York City or New Jersey. Through giving and getting support in an understanding community you’ll build your strength and resilience.

As you go through this journey, remember that New York Fertility Services is here to advise you on your medical treatment options, as well as offer compassionate support. Please connect with our patient resources and contact us to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist.

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