For a baby shower later, it’s third-party time now

For a baby shower later, it’s third-party time now

by | August 4th, 2015


Third-party reproduction opens up fertility options for gay couples

Gay Fertility

Having a baby as a same-sex couple is a celebrated choice today, and New York Fertility Services in Manhattan has a long history of making these parenting dreams come true. In vitro fertilization, IVF breaks down barriers and there’s never been a better time to explore this option.

Same-sex female couples who want to have children can ease into motherhood by enlisting a sperm donor. Our New York fertility center works with incredible women who choose IUI with donor sperm or IVF in certain cases. When both women would like to share in the miracle of childbirth, we are excited to introduce them to reciprocal IVF.

When gay couples or single gay men opt for third-party reproduction and in vitro fertilization, they turn to egg donors in their efforts to create a family.

In this video clip, you’ll hear directly from Dr. Joel Batzofin who works with women with significant fertility issues or gay couples who have found the egg donation process highly rewarding. Find out how we find our egg donors and more about the screening process.

Sharing a biological bond with gay fertility options

You may have explored adoption, foreign or domestic, and decided to invest in having a biological connection. Working with an experienced fertility specialist, you can enlist an egg donor and gestational surrogate to make this dream a reality. Ask us about our in-house egg donor bank and referrals for surrogacy agencies throughout the U.S. and overseas.

As a gay man, you will take steps to align all of the players in this intricately designed fertility plan. Our fertility center physicians and staff coach you through each phase.

  • Meet with a fertility specialist (make sure you choose an experienced and inclusive fertility center led by a reproductive endocrinologist).
  • Arrange for a semen analysis for one or both partners.
  • Decide on an egg donor, known or anonymous.
  • Choose a gestational surrogate.
  • Enlist an attorney that specializes in third-party reproduction.
  • Start the IVF cycle, during which we combine donor egg and sperm in the IVF lab and transfer the embryo to your gestational surrogate.
  • Celebrate a positive pregnancy!

For more information on egg donations and other fertility treatments, call New York Fertility Services—our staff members can be reached at (212) 679-2289.


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The founder of New York Fertility Services, Joel Batzofin, M.D., began practicing at the advent of IVF. Fertility centers evolved as groundbreaking treatments and family-building options emerged. Our fertility doctors practice at the pinnacle of reproductive medicine—the ‘sweet spot’ where science, art and intuition meld. We are strong believers in combining advanced reproductive technologies with proven holistic, Eastern medicine therapies.

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