Health Tips Improve Fertility from New York Fertility Services

Health Tips Improve Fertility from New York Fertility Services

by | April 5th, 2016


Are you trying to get pregnant in 2016?

The following health tips will not only help to boost your fertility, but may also increase the effectiveness of any fertility treatments you are undergoing.

7509450_mLose excess weight.

It is well known that being overweight can increase your risk of developing serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Excess fat can also cause increased production of hormones that can disrupt the ovulation process, leading to irregular cycles and difficulty becoming or remaining pregnant. Talk to your primary care physician and fertility specialist about the best ways to lose weight before trying to conceive.


Stop smoking.

The toxins found in cigarette smoke not only cause the ovaries to age prematurely, but will also damage egg quality, interfere with the egg implantation process, and affect the fetus. Smoking cigarettes can cause permanent damage to your fertility, but stopping now will allow you to regain some of the lost function of your ovaries.

Explores ways to de-stress.

Studies have shown that depression, anxiety, and stress can harm your fertility. Doctors believe that psychological distress can alter your body’s production of the hormones responsible for maintaining your ovulation cycle. Managing stress through physical activity, meditation, or counseling can make a huge difference in improving your fertility.

Decrease your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol has the ability to alter a woman’s estrogen levels, which can interfere with egg implantation. It may also be a good idea to cut back on caffeine while trying to get pregnant. Studies have shown that women who drank two cups of coffee or more per day were twice as likely to miscarry as those who didn’t partake.

At New York Fertility Services, we are dedicated to providing a personalized approach to fertility treatment. We strive to add the best resources to assist each patient on her unique path to fertility success, such as therapeutic and counseling services. Learn more about our practice by visiting our website or contacting our staff at (212) 679-2289.

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