Important Questions to Ask Your Fertility Specialist at New York Fertility Services

Important Questions to Ask Your Fertility Specialist at New York Fertility Services

by | November 24th, 2015


Do you have an upcoming appointment with a fertility specialist?

Successful financial plansIn addition to relevant medical records and paperwork pertaining to past fertility treatments, consider bringing a list of questions to ask your doctor.

Explore the following list of critical queries to ask before undergoing fertility treatments.


What Kind of Diagnostic Testing Will Be Needed?

When you arrive for your initial appointment with a fertility specialist, your physician will determine what types of fertility tests will provide the most accurate diagnosis. Also be sure to ask whether these tests are invasive, if there are any risks associated, and if there are alternatives available.

 What Can I Do to Ensure Accurate Results?

Get detailed instructions on what steps to take to ensure the test results are the most accurate possible. Go over any lifestyle or dietary restrictions, and find out if any medications you are currently taking will affect the outcome of your fertility tests.

 Can My Condition Be Improved?

If and when the cause of your infertility is discovered, ask your fertility specialist about your prognosis. Will your condition improve with fertility treatments, stay the same with or without fertility therapy, or worsen over time?

 What is the Success Rate of the Recommended Treatment?

Once you and your fertility specialist establish a treatment plan, ask about the general effectiveness of that particular regime. Ask for statistics pertaining to both pregnancy rates and live-birth rates.

 What Can I Do to Improve My Chances?

Find out what you can do to improve the likelihood of conception and carrying a healthy baby to term. It is likely that your fertility specialist will offer literature concerning lifestyle modifications to improve diet and overall health.

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