IVF for Male Fertility Challenges

IVF for Male Fertility Challenges

by | September 12th, 2018


Struggling to become pregnant leads to IVF for male fertility challenges

Struggling to become pregnant leads to IVF for male fertility challengesAfter 10 years of marriage and numerous failed attempts at pregnancy, Nataly and Joel decided to seek expert support. Needing this support wasn’t a shock to them. Joel had experienced health challenges at a young age and had issues with sperm count and quality. They found their ideal support system at our New York fertility center.

“It was around our 10-year anniversary when we found Dr. Batzofin,” Nataly remembers. “We loved the welcoming décor in the clinic, and all the photos of the families who had worked with NYFS. We felt right at home, and appreciated that no one treated us like we were just another customer.”

They felt even more comfortable about using IVF for male fertility challenges when they experienced Dr. Batzofin’s supportive nature and his dedication to helping them achieve their dream of parenthood.

The journey to parenthood with IVF for male fertility challenges

Struggling to become pregnant leads to IVF for male fertility challengesThe first step on Nataly and Joel’s path to parenthood, with the help of our New York fertility center, was determining the cause of their infertility. It seemed that the main issue was Joel’s fertility challenges, but during an ultrasound, Dr. Batzofin discovered that Nataly had a uterine polyp.

“It was scary [when the polyp was discovered], but Dr. Batzofin assured me that everything would be fine,” Nataly recalls. “He told me it would delay the cycle, but it wasn’t a big deal – he said they’d remove it. We did the cycle a month later and we were able to get pregnant on the first try.”

About nine months after utilizing IVF for male fertility challenges their son Sebastian was born.

Advice for hopeful parents

Although they faced various setbacks when building their family, Nataly and Joel look back on their journey with gratitude. “We have so much appreciation for the miracles of science and are grateful that it helped us have our son. Rather than looking at our fertility challenges as a problem, we look at them as an opportunity to develop a deeper level of gratitude for our family,” Nataly says.

Struggling to become pregnant leads to IVF for male fertility challengesJoel also has an important message for those with fertility difficulties. “I kept telling myself that I have a problem I have to deal with, but I’m not the problem.” This important message kept Joel optimistic during their journey through IVF for male fertility challenges.

Nataly and Joel also insist that it’s important for couples to be on the same page during this process and to honor what each person is contributing. “Support each other in every way you can. It’s such an emotional journey.”

Their final piece of wisdom is that hopeful parents can receive relief by facing their challenges head on and seeking the support of compassionate fertility experts.

Nataly and Joel recalled how Dr. Batzofin and the staff at our New York fertility center made their difficult circumstances easier, and made sure they never felt alone.

If you would like to learn more about IVF for male fertility challenges, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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