IVF for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

IVF for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

by | May 15th, 2018


Finding fertility hope with IVF for polycystic ovary syndrome

Finding fertility hope with IVF for polycystic ovary syndromeOur Manhattan fertility center offers many treatment options for polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. One patient named Maria shares her story about how IVF for polycystic ovary syndrome helped her conceive a son.

Becoming a mom through IVF for polycystic ovary syndrome

At age 15, Maria was faced with something few teenage girls have to worry about – polycystic ovary syndrome. This hormonal disorder can affect women of reproductive age, and may cause irregular menstrual cycles and infertility.

After managing PCOS for almost 20 years, Maria sought support from Joel Batzofin MD at our Manhattan fertility center. She was only seeking treatment for PCOS during the first year, but the following three years were focused on Maria and her husband conceiving their first child through in vitro fertilization, or IVF – a process that was not easy.

Maria’s journey of IVF for polycystic ovary syndrome included two egg retrievals, multiple failed implantations and one pregnancy that ended in miscarriage before she finally became pregnant with her son Joseph at age 37.

Through it all, Maria says, “Dr. Batzofin was so diligent about figuring out what the exact problem was and always had the best bedside manner I’ve ever seen. He spoke to me like I was his only patient and he always had time for me.”

This diligence led Dr. Batzofin to discover that Maria couldn’t sustain a pregnancy because of a blood clotting issue. She was put on blood thinners while pregnant with her son. Although she reports having a difficult pregnancy, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy who is now 7 months old.

Advice for women and couples

Finding fertility hope with IVF for polycystic ovary syndromeThe process of navigating IVF for polycystic ovary syndrome left Maria with sage advice. “Never give up, and have a positive attitude,” are the words of wisdom she shares with other women and couples faced with fertility challenges. “Sometimes, you don’t always get the answer you want, but if you communicate with your partner and your doctor, you can work through anything,” Maria continued, mentioning how great Dr. Batzofin is at looking at fertility issues from all angles until he finds a potential solution.

Maria’s final advice is to “have an open mind and know that while pregnancy might not happen as fast as you’d like, it will happen when it needs to.”

Gratitude for New York Fertility Services

What about a sibling for Maria’s son? Would she be willing to have Dr. Batzofin support her through IVF for polycystic ovary syndrome again? Maria says she “would definitely go back to Dr. Batzofin to have another baby,” and recently met with him about that possibility. She says that she can’t speak highly enough of him and his staff, and would recommend New York Fertility Services to anyone in need of fertility treatment.

If you are struggling with infertility, contact our Manhattan fertility center to schedule an appointment.

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