Delayed Frozen Embryo Transfer

Delayed Frozen Embryo Transfer Provides More Control

In conjunction with their fertility specialists, more and more women are choosing to freeze all the embryos created during their in vitro fertilization cycles, then waiting to transfer them to the uterus weeks, months, or years later. Called delayed frozen embryo transfer or freeze-all IVF, it’s a popular approach for good reasons.

In the past, embryos were almost always transferred just a few days after they were created in the embryology lab. But new research has shown that waiting for a future cycle to transfer embryos is an equally successful approach that can give future parents greater control over the timing of pregnancy.

Why choose delayed frozen embryo transfer?

At our New York fertility center, our fertility specialists believe there are many advantages to storing frozen embryos until conditions with your body and personal life are right for a pregnancy.

Delayed frozen embryo transfer gives the body time to stabilize after the ovarian stimulation process, more closely approximating the conditions that would occur with natural implantation. The ovarian stimulation medications used during IVF can, in some women, create uterine conditions that make it more difficult for an embryo to implant. Delaying transfer can allow the uterus and hormone levels time to normalize, improving the odds of successful implantation.

Recent research1 has shown that delayed frozen embryo transfer can actually improve ongoing pregnancy rates in women older than 35, as well as in women who have certain IVF complications, such as higher-than-ideal progesterone levels.

Delayed frozen embryo transfer also gives you and your partner more control over when to begin your pregnancy and give birth, so you can make arrangements for your work and personal life well ahead of time. For example, you might wish to consider timing a pregnancy around:

  • The age or emotional readiness of any existing children
  • Your career
  • Your finances
  • Medical treatment or weight loss
  • Lifestyle factors, such as an upcoming move, travel or caregiving commitments
  • Finding an obstetric care team to help ensure a healthy pregnancy

Is freeze-all IVF the right approach for you?

Our New York fertility center understands that many women who need IVF have already waited a long time to achieve their dream of parenthood. While few are eager to wait even longer, it’s wise to choose the approach that maximizes the chances of success.

The decision to delay frozen embryo transfer is a personal one, made in conjunction with your fertility specialist, with one goal in mind: Achieving a healthy pregnancy, at exactly the right time.

To learn more about delayed frozen embryo transfer, contact our New York fertility center.