LoGo IVF provides an affordable option for some women

Even with the megadoses of ovarian stimulation medications used for in vitro fertilization, or IVF, some women will only produce a few eggs. Many of these women can achieve the same or better results with lower doses of medications. With this in mind, some women now have another option for more affordable IVF in New York: a mini IVF protocol that we call LoGo-IVF™.

This low-medication, low-cost IVF approach is designed for women who don’t need a high dose of costly medication to stimulate their ovaries. This approach also requires less ultrasound monitoring, lowering the overall cost of the cycle.

LoGo IVF may be a good choice for older women and those with low ovarian reserve, as high doses of ovarian stimulation medications are unlikely to produce a higher number of eggs.

Because it is very cost-effective, this mini IVF approach may also be a good option for anyone who can’t afford the cost of a full IVF cycle, but needs IVF to have a baby. Your blood work and other female fertility testing will help Joel Batzofin MD determine if the LoGo IVF protocol will work well for you.

The LoGo IVF process

With conventional IVF, women take very high doses of gonadotropins, an ovary-stimulating hormone, to prompt the production of multiple eggs at once. These eggs are then retrieved and fertilized with the partner’s sperm or donor sperm, and one of the resulting embryos is transferred to the woman’s uterus. But for women seeking affordable IVF in New York with LoGo IVF, lower doses of gonadotropins are used and less cycle monitoring is necessary.

How is LoGo-IVF different from regular IVF?

  • Lower risk of ovarian hyperstimulation
  • Less medication expense and fewer injections
  • Less need for costly daily blood tests
  • Takes advantage of your body’s natural hormones
  • Fewer eggs may be produced, but those retrieved tend to be high-quality
  • All embryos are frozen, giving your body time to prime your uterus for transfer
  • Multiple cycles may be needed to bank enough frozen embryos to achieve pregnancy

This low-medication approach has been used successfully in Europe for some time, proving that for some women, more medication does not necessarily equal better outcomes. However, traditional, high-gonadotropin IVF remains the most effective option for many women.

Is mini IVF right for you?

While affordable IVF in New York may sound appealing, it is not the most cost-effective approach for everyone. Conventional IVF may be more likely to result in extra embryos that can be frozen and used later, while LoGo IVF is likely to produce only a small number of eggs and embryos. However, in many cases, just one embryo is all that is needed to achieve pregnancy.

Dr. Batzofin will select the right IVF protocol for you, according to the findings of your fertility testing. The cost for our mini LoGo IVF cycle is $7,000, which does not include medication costs or the anesthesia fee for your egg retrieval.

If you need affordable IVF in New York and would like to determine if you may be a candidate for LoGo IVF, contact us to schedule a consultation.