Natural Cycle IVF

Natural Cycle IVF

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If mild stimulation and natural cycle In vitro maturation and IVF are possibilities, why don’t we try natural cycle IVF? This question often arises among patients who are looking at all the new information on IVF treatment options.

The problem with natural cycle IVF is the low yield in babies. It is true that the patient avoids drugs and most of the monitoring, but the results are discouraging. A study by Nargund in 2001 revealed a live birth rate of 32%. However this result was cumulative after up to four cycles of treatment! This should be the expected rate for one cycle of conventional IVF.

In a review of 20 studies, summarizing 1800 cycles, only about half of the patients even had an embryo transfer. This is because generally only one follicle is available and the egg may not be retrieved. Just as disappointing, if the egg is found, it may not fertilize or develop (Pelinck 2002).

In the natural cycle IVM/IVF approach, or NoGo IVF™, the eggs are retrieved very early before the adverse effect of the dominant follicle and several healthy eggs can be retrieved. The effort in the use of this treatment option at New York Fertility Services is directed toward determining the place in the future for this simplified assisted reproduction method.