How to Prepare for IVF Treatment

Couples who are struggling with infertility may benefit from in vitro fertilization (IVF).

IVF is a procedure in which a woman’s mature eggs are retrieved, fertilized in a lab, and then implanted in the uterus. Women may undergo multiple cycles of IVF treatment in order to achieve pregnancy. Talk to your IVF doctor about preparing for the procedure.

Become Informed About the Procedures

Becoming an informed patient is the first step in preparing for IVF treatment. Learn about the process itself and ask your doctor any questions you might have. Some people also ask others about their experiences or join infertility support groups to learn more.

Consider the Possible Issues

Many issues may arise during the course of your IVF treatment, and it’s advisable to consider them with your partner as early as possible. If you plan to use donor eggs, sperm, embryos, or a surrogate, you should work with a counselor to sort through the issues. In addition, you’ll need to decide how many embryos to implant at a time. Implanting more than one could possibly lead to a multiple pregnancy, and you’ll need to carefully consider how you will handle this issue. You’ll also need to decide what you will do with the extra embryos.

Undergo Health Screenings

You and your partner should expect to undergo multiple health screenings. Women may have ovarian reserve testing to estimate their response to the medication, in addition to a uterine cavity exam and possibly a mock embryo transfer. Men may undergo a semen analysis, and both partners will undergo screenings for infectious diseases.

Prepare for the Pregnancy

In addition to asking your IVF doctor about preparing for the procedure, you should talk about how to prepare for the pregnancy. Women should avoid alcohol consumption and tobacco use, eat a healthy diet, and engage in light to moderate exercise to improve their overall health.

Many couples who have struggled with infertility have successfully achieved pregnancy with IVF treatment. Learn more about it by scheduling an appointment with an IVF doctor at New York Fertility Services. To get started today, call our infertility clinic at (212) 679-2289 or visit us on the Web.