Typical IVF Schedule

Typical IVF Schedule Cycle + Monitoring

Understanding what transpires during a typical Fertility Cycle can be daunting. When should I administer medication? Which medication should I be taking? When should I be available for a lab test or monitoring? It’s all outlined in one convenient calendar based schedule, specific to your unique fertility needs.  Upon booking your IVF treatment, you will be scheduled for a complete calendar review where all of your questions will be answered.  We promise that you will understand exactly how your cycle will work and the days of treatment involved.  If you have questions, we are always here to answer them so you feel comfortable and knowledgeable.

For those patients that are traveling from other states or other nations, we make is easy for you to be monitored at a physician’s office close to home so that your time in New York City is minimized to a week – 10 days for retrieval and transfer.   Your calendar of treatment will reflect this and is very easy to understand.