LGBT Fertility

LGBT Families Form Here

There has never been a better time to fulfill your dreams for becoming a parent. Today’s advanced reproductive technologies make it possible to overcome obstacles, experience the miracle of childbirth and to have a biological connection with your child. Our fertility doctors commit to compassionate and inclusive care, and look forward to welcoming you to New York Fertility Services.

Selecting a fertility clinic with extensive experience in gestational surrogate and donor services, as well as an in-house egg donation program will benefit you as you begin this exciting journey. Deciding on a fertility doctor to direct your treatment is an important first step as well.

Choosing a LGBT Fertility Doctor

You should expect a warm welcome from your fertility doctor, and the entire fertility clinic team. New York Fertility Services’ Medical Director, Joel Batzofin, M.D. founded his practice on the belief that family-building options should be offered to all people who wish to become parents.

Some questions to ask as you begin your search for a fertility doctor:

  • Are the clinic’s fertility doctors experienced in third-party reproduction and donor services?
  • Does the infertility center website have a section devoted to LGBT?
  • What resources are available to meet legal, psychological and financial needs?

Fertility Treatment for Lesbian and Single Women

Our fertility doctor and his clinical team can help you achieve a successful and fulfilling experience getting pregnant. For example, with reciprocal IVF, both partners can participate in the pregnancy—one partner contributes her eggs for fertilization with donor sperm, and the other carries the pregnancy.

Most women will need only donor sperm with artificial insemination to complete their family. Some diagnoses may require additional intervention, such as in vitro fertilization IVF or donor egg services. Ovulation disorders, PCOS and advanced maternal age, for example, are speed bumps that your fertility doctor can address.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome can be particularly detrimental to fertility. If you experience symptoms such as increased facial hair, significant weight gain and acne, a fertility doctor can prescribe an effective drug treatment regimen.

What’s Involved with Donor Sperm IUI?

You may choose a known sperm donor, or a reputable sperm bank, in preparation for a cycle of ovulation induction. Your fertility doctor will prescribe oral and/or injectable medications so that you produce multiple eggs in a cycle. Our IVF lab prepares the semen for insemination that will take place in our New York City clinic.

Family Building Options for Gay and Transgender Men

We promise to help find your perfect surrogate. Getting pregnant as a gay couple will involve third-party reproduction, and enlisting an egg donor and surrogate to carry the baby. Your fertility doctor will lend his or her expertise to the IVF process, and can explain the benefits of choosing an egg donor from a reputable donor program.

New York Fertility Services offers gay men an in-house egg donor program. Our highly screened donors can help you build your family through gestational surrogacy.

Congratulations on the decision to welcome a baby into your lives! We have a long history of serving the LGBT community in Westport and Edgewater, and surrounding towns, and look forward to making your dreams a reality. Contact a fertility doctor who understands the unique needs of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual potential parents.