Fresh Donor Eggs for Gay Couples

Fresh donor eggs for gay couples as a family-building option

You’ve got plenty of love to give; now you just need to grow your family. Our NYC same sex fertility center can help. If you and your partner are ready to have a baby, fresh donor eggs for gay couples and gestational surrogacy give you an excellent chance to have a biological link to your child.

Using fresh donor eggs takes a bit longer than using eggs that have been previously donated and frozen, but with a fresh egg donation all of the eggs produced will be yours. A fresh IVF cycle may give you a greater number of eggs – and potentially embryos – than frozen eggs, which typically are made available in small batches. This may be an important factor for hopeful parents who wish to have more than one child, especially if they want their children to be biologically related to each other.

Choosing fresh donor eggs for gay couples

Our NYC same sex fertility center offers our own, in-house program that provides fresh donor eggs for gay couples, giving you access to a large database of anonymous donors who have generously offered the gift of life to couples who wish to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Each donor undergoes rigorous medical and psychological screening, meeting the strictest medical, legal and ethical standards. Extensive fertility testing is also performed to ensure that your donor is at peak fertility and likely to produce enough eggs to meet your family-building goals.

Donor screening includes:

Some couples choose to work with outside agencies that can connect them with donors offering fresh donor eggs for gay couples, while others have a friend or family member who is willing to donate her eggs. We are happy to provide thorough medical and fertility screening for any donor you choose.

Once your donor is cleared to begin IVF treatment, she will become our patient and experience the professional, friendly care that has earned us a reputation as the top NYC same sex fertility center. When you choose a donor for a fresh donation, she will undergo our proven IVF process to maximize the number of eggs retrieved.

From pre-cycle medical screening and preparation, to egg retrieval and fertilization, this process may take several months. Your donor’s cycle must also be synchronized with your gestational carrier’s cycle to maximize the chance that your embryo will implant and grow.

Fresh vs. frozen donor eggs

As with any fertility treatment, there are no guarantees that a fresh donation will produce enough embryos to achieve pregnancy, even with our extensive donor fertility testing. However, many couples are able to build the family of their dreams with help from egg donation.

To learn more about fresh donor eggs for gay couples, contact us to schedule a consultation at our NYC same sex fertility center.