Fertility options for gay couples

Your family was meant to be: Explore fertility options for gay couples

At New York Fertility Services, we support every step of the journey toward becoming a parent and we celebrate with you as you start the next phase as a daddy. You may be exploring your fertility options for gay couples at this point, or have already decided on a desired family-building plan.

Dr. Joel Batzofin and his clinical team will help you proceed with confidence, knowing that you have explored all of your options and fully understand the process for third-party reproduction.

Third-party reproduction simply means that you enlist the help of another to build your family. Fertility options for gay couples will always involve an egg donor and a gestational surrogate and the well-established treatment of in vitro fertilization, IVF. You will provide the sperm, of course, with semen analysis reports to help you decide which partner will supply it.

Fertility options for gay couples: Let’s start with semen analysis

You may have already had conversations about who will supply the sperm for your fertility treatment cycle. Men continue to produce sperm throughout their lifetimes, but new research has established risks associated with fathering a child at an advanced paternal age.

We recommend that you factor age into the decision-making process, as well as results from semen analysis. Your fertility specialist will want to ensure that sperm in the sample is plentiful, moves efficiently and is well formed with a head and a tail. The report will include a breakdown of these key attributes.

  • Semen volume
  • Sperm motility
  • Sperm morphology
  • Sperm concentration

One of your fertility options for gay couples is to have both partners provide a semen sample. In this scenario, the decision is ultimately left to chance at the fertilization stage of IVF, when the prevailing sperm penetrates the egg in the IVF lab.

Moving on, you will make decisions about choosing an egg donor and surrogate. New Jersey and New York do not permit commercial surrogacy, but our New York fertility center is following legislation that will potentially change this limitation, the Child-Parent Security Act.

Egg Donation

We are proud to offer an in-house egg donor program to help expedite your plans to become a father. If you have a known egg donor that you’d like to use, we will manage the process to ensure that proper screening takes place and that your egg donor receives the highest standard of care.

Surrogacy Services

Our New York fertility center has worked with leading surrogacy agencies and surrogacy attorneys for decades, and we are happy to help with referrals. You should proceed understanding the difference between a gestational surrogate and a traditional surrogate.

A gestational surrogate will carry your baby, but will not have a biological connection or parental rights to the baby.

A traditional surrogate does have a biological connection as she supplies the egg and carries the baby during the resulting pregnancy.

Sharing a genetic bond with your child is special, and shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone. We are happy to explain the full spectrum of fertility options for gay couples or singles. Third-party reproduction is complex, but we are experienced in leading future fathers through each phase.

Contact us at our New York fertility center for a consultation with Dr. Batzofin.