Finding a Surrogate for LGBT Fertility

We support LGBT couples in finding a surrogate

For gay couples hoping to have a baby, surrogacy is a beautiful way to make your dreams a reality. Our inclusive Manhattan fertility center welcomes all LGBT couples who are ready to grow their families. We are happy to coordinate all of the necessary resources for a successful third-party pregnancy, including finding a surrogate.

In LGBT surrogacy, one intended parent’s sperm is used to fertilize eggs from the donor of your choice through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Then, a healthy embryo is selected for transfer to your surrogate in hopes of achieving pregnancy. The woman who carries the baby is not the egg donor and will have no biological connection to your child.

You and your partner can choose an egg donor from our Manhattan fertility center’s in-house egg donation program, which carefully screens all donors to help you find the perfect match. For assistance in finding a surrogate who is just right for you, our team will refer you to reputable surrogacy agencies and coordinate your donor’s and surrogate’s IVF cycles at our Manhattan fertility center.

Things to keep in mind when finding a surrogate

Because New York laws add an extra level of complexity to surrogacy arrangements, it’s important to have an experienced surrogacy ally to help you navigate your LGBT IVF journey.

  • New York state law prohibits voluntary surrogacy agreements.
  • Our experienced team will direct you to resources in states where surrogacy arrangements are protected by law.
  • When you create your surrogacy contract outside the boundaries of New York state law, all terms will be subject to the state in which the contract is created.

Having built our practice with a caring, inclusive approach to family-building, we have the LGBT fertility experience you need to support you and your partner in every aspect of your fertility journey, including finding a surrogate.

Our Manhattan fertility center team can also guide you to LGBT-friendly attorneys who specialize in reproductive law. These experts can help you ensure that all legal guidelines are followed at every step, and that your surrogacy contract is legally binding and includes all the conditions that are important to you.
We can help

As specialists in LGBT family-building, our team of experts stands ready to assist you in finding a surrogate, as well as every other aspect involved in helping you grow your family. To learn more or get started, contact our Manhattan fertility center to schedule a consultation.