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What to know before you glow – Family building for lesbians

Congratulations on your decision to bring home a baby! A fertility assessment will prepare you to make informed decisions about taking the next steps. When both partners regularly ovulate and have balanced hormones, the opportunity exists to choose who will undergo IUI, also known as artificial insemination. With sperm from a known or anonymous donor, this is the most straightforward path to pregnancy.

Female infertility may interfere with your plans to conceive, however. In a small percentage of cases, we will enlist the advanced reproductive technology of IVF (in vitro fertilization) to help you get pregnant. Women with blocked tubes, severe endometriosis or fibroids and other mitigating factors benefit from IVF.

Couples who would like to share in the experience of conception and pregnancy may also consider reciprocal IVF. This allows one woman to provide her eggs after undergoing ovulation induction and egg retrieval. The fertilized egg (embryo) is then transferred to the other partner.

Our future dads receive a hero’s welcome – Family building for gay couples

We applaud your choice to build your family! Conceiving a child with third-party reproduction is complex, but selecting an experienced fertility specialist will provide you with confidence and reassurances at every step.

Our long-standing reputation as a gay-friendly fertility center has earned us beneficial relationships with surrogacy agencies and egg donor services, including Egg Donor Cryobank Network (EDCB), a nationwide network of pre-screened donors and oocytes (eggs). As a client of New York Fertility Services, you will have access to secured pricing and priority service with EDCB. We will also connect you with resources to advise you about the legal aspects of surrogacy.

Your first step in becoming a father is testing to ensure that we have your good quality, pre-screened sperm frozen and available when the pieces fall into place with your gestational surrogate. A gestational surrogate, or carrier, undergoes a cycle of IVF using your sperm and a donor egg. The resulting embryo will not share DNA with the gestational surrogate. Your baby will inherit your traits and characteristics as sperm carries the father’s DNA.

At our New York fertility center, love translates – Trans family building

You are warmly welcomed at our inclusive and inviting fertility center. Transgender and transitioning men and women will find support and answers to help navigate the family building process. If you are currently considering a transition, you may consider freezing your eggs or sperm to secure immediate access when you feel ready to start a fertility treatment cycle. This proactive step will allow you to remain on hormone therapy with no interruptions.

Uncoupled? Unbelievable joy is within reach. Single men and women family building

Single men and women will have access to every conceivable option for family building here at our fertility center. With an in-house egg bank and relationships with reputable sperm banks, we can make your dreams a reality. Dr. Batzofin will outline your options for fertility treatment and design a plan that best meets your needs and timing. Both men and women who wish to preserve fertility also have the option to cryopreserve eggs and sperm.

Every family has a story to tell. Yours starts with resilience, perseverance—and most of all—love.

NYFS is happy to introduce you to Olivia, daughter of Patricia and Kellen.

After working with Dr. Batzofin, Patricia became pregnant with Olivia. Her partner, Kellen, became pregnant with twins, also with the help of Dr. Batzofin and the NYFS team. Patricia and Kellen welcomed two more daughters to their family last July and Olivia loves being a big sister to Stella and Sophie.

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