Using Frozen Eggs for Gay IVF

Learn about using frozen eggs for gay IVF

Gay men who want to become parents have several options, and one of the most popular is IVF using donor eggs and surrogacy. Using frozen eggs for gay IVF is a convenient and effective way to have a biological child, and it may also reduce the overall costs of your fertility treatment.

Our same-sex fertility specialist has helped hundreds of gay men and couples achieve their dream of parenthood, and we are happy to help you explore all of your options as you travel your own fertility journey.

Gain greater control by using frozen eggs for gay IVF

Donor eggs can either be “fresh,” meaning they are retrieved from an egg donor and immediately fertilized to create embryos, or “frozen,” meaning they are retrieved from a woman and then frozen for fertilization later. Both fresh and frozen donor eggs provide excellent success rates, and research has shown that frozen eggs are just as effective to use as fresh eggs.

Whether you choose fresh or frozen donor eggs, either you or your partner’s sperm can be used to fertilize them, creating a biological link between parent and child. Once the eggs are fertilized, the resulting embryos are allowed to grow in our IVF laboratory. One healthy embryo is then chosen for transfer to your surrogate’s uterus, while the others are frozen for future pregnancy attempts.

Frozen eggs can be a more economical and convenient option for gay couples seeking to grow their families. When using frozen eggs for gay IVF, eggs may come from a young woman who has already completed her IVF cycle for egg donation, or from another woman who has completed her family and wishes to donate her remaining frozen eggs to help someone else.

Because the IVF cycle to retrieve the eggs has already been completed, frozen eggs may be a more affordable option that can give you greater control over the timing of your surrogate’s embryo transfer.

  • Eliminates the months of waiting involved in screening and preparing your egg donor
  • No risk that the donor will be disqualified, as eggs have already been retrieved
  • Eliminates the need to coordinate the timing of your donor’s egg retrieval with your surrogate’s cycle
  • May allow you to reduce your costs by splitting a batch of frozen donor eggs with other couples

When you choose frozen donor eggs through our in-house egg donation program, you can be assured that the highest ethical and safety standards are met. You will have access to all available information about your egg donor, whether you choose fresh eggs or are using frozen eggs for gay IVF.

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As a same-sex fertility specialist, our inclusive approach to fertility treatment for LGBT couples is founded on one core principle: All gay men and couples who wish to become parents should have options. Our team of professionals is happy to speak with you to help you determine which path to parenthood is right for you and your partner or husband.

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