What Are the Main Causes of Pregnancy Loss?

What Are the Main Causes of Pregnancy Loss?

by | May 3rd, 2016


According to the American Pregnancy Association, approximately 10-25 percent of all clinically recognized pregnancies will result in a miscarriage, most of which tend to occur during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.

386054Fortunately, a fertility clinic can help couples understand the reasons for recurrent miscarriages. Before you contact your IVF doctor, educate yourself on some of the main causes of pregnancy loss.

Chromosomal Defects and Maternal Age

Studies show that approximately 50 percent of all miscarriages are caused by chromosomal defects. Healthy individuals have 46 chromosomes— including 22 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes. These chromosomes are the result of meiotic divisions of the sperm and egg, each of which with 23 chromosomes, that unite to form a single organism with 46 chromosomes. However, errors with cell division can produce an egg with 24 chromosomes rather than 23, creating an embryo that is much less likely to reach full term.

Structural Abnormalities

Another cause of pregnancy loss is structural abnormalities of the vagina and uterus, including a double uterus, uterine septum, and a uterus in which only one side has formed. The presence of fibroids or structural lesions can also distort the uterine cavity and lead to pregnancy loss.

Immunological Abnormalities

Immunological abnormalities may also lead to recurrent miscarriages. These immunological disorders may include but are not limited to Natural Killer Cells,antiphospholipid antibodies, antithyroid antibodies, and reproductiveimmunophenotype.


One of the last most common causes of recurrent pregnancy loss is thrombophilia, or the tendency to form blood clots. Thrombophilias are inherited conditions and are caused by an imbalance between anti-clotting proteins and certain blood clotting factors. In many cases, thrombophilia can lead to a blood clot in the placental blood vessel that changes the placenta and reduces blood flow to the fetus.

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