Male Infertility

We concentrate on reversing male infertility with testing and effective treatment

Many couples are surprised to learn the facts about male infertility statistics. Of the reported cases, 40% originate with the female partner and 40% with the male partner. The remaining group will have unexplained infertility or a combination of male-female causes. Dr. Joel Batzofin treats both men and women in his Manhattan fertility center, giving careful consideration to the sensitive nature of reproductive issues.

Testing for male infertility can shed light on hidden causes that may otherwise remain untreated. Semen analysis provides invaluable data about the health, quantity and functionality of a man’s sperm. Before undergoing invasive testing for female infertility causes, Dr. Batzofin will recommend scheduling semen analysis at New York Fertility Services.

Taking Definitive Steps with Semen Analysis

When a man and woman have unprotected intercourse for a year, approximately 85% will conceive. After a period of time, half a year if the female partner is over 35, it’s wise to seek help. Eliminating issues with sperm health will help rule out the male partner early in the process of fertility investigation.

You may be aware of physical or anatomical barriers to conception, including varicocele or a health history that includes mumps, CF, an undescended testicle or cancer treatments.

After a conversation with Dr. Batzofin, we will arrange for a follow-up appointment at our Manhattan fertility center for blood work to check for hormonal imbalances and semen analysis.

Semen analysis results are available within 24 hours. Your report will include summary information about sperm count, sperm motility, sperm morphology, sperm concentration and the viscosity of seminal fluid.

Diagnosis and Treatment: Comprehensive Services from a Male Fertility Specialist

As a reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Batzofin has advanced training to evaluate the hormonal, anatomic, environmental or psychological causes of male infertility.

Some cases may require further investigation and Dr. Batzofin will refer you to a urologist. Blockages in the tubes that transport sperm (as evidenced by azoospermia, or a total lack of sperm in a sample) or a varicocele require physical testing and possible surgical intervention.

A physical examination for male infertility may be conducted by Dr. Batzofin.

Dr. Batzofin works with men who wish to become fathers providing these male fertility services:

  1. To provide semen analysis for diagnostic purposes
  2. To provide sperm freezing for fertility preservation
  3. To provide sperm freezing prior to vasectomy
  4. To direct fertility treatment for couples undergoing intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization
  5. To direct third-party reproduction cycles

Ask Dr. Batzofin to explain what to expect with a testicular biopsy or sperm harvesting procedures. Paired with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and IVF, this male infertility treatment can reverse even seemingly hopeless situations.

Having a biological connection to your children is an incredible gift, and Dr. Batzofin will help ensure that you can realize that goal. Contact us at our Manhattan fertility center to arrange for a consultation and semen analysis.