Measuring Fertility

Measuring Fertility

by | January 30th, 2018


Measuring fertility provides answers for women of all ages

Measuring fertility provides answers for women of all agesFor many young women, fertility is far from their minds. Busy with school, work or relationships, it’s easy to assume that you can become pregnant when the time is right. But measuring fertility is something that every woman should think about, whether she is ready to start a family or not. Fertility testing in New York helps you better understand your body and plan for the future.

Tests for measuring fertility

Many women assume that because they’re having regular periods, they’ll have no problem becoming pregnant in the future. But most women with infertility never even know it until they try to conceive a baby and the pregnancy tests are negative. That’s why measuring fertility is a smart idea for women of any age.

The best method for measuring fertility is to see a fertility specialist for testing. Our baseline fertility testing in New York includes two tests.

  • Ultrasound exam. A vaginal ultrasound will visualize your reproductive organs so that any abnormalities can be detected. The exam may be timed at the right point in your menstrual cycle, usually around Day 3, for the follicles on your ovaries to be counted. This exam is a good indicator of baseline fertility.
  • Blood tests. A blood draw on Day 3 of your cycle can measure several critical hormones, including follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), estradiol, luteinizing hormone and anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) – all indicators of your ovarian reserve, or egg supply.

Because many causes of infertility are treatable, it’s smart to get a baseline measurement of your fertility before you want to start a family, so you can know if extra time or effort may be required to have a baby. If you’re starting a family later in life, it’s especially important to get tested right away, so you won’t waste precious time trying to become pregnant on your own when you really need fertility treatment to achieve your goal.

Take control of your fertility

For some young women who discover issues early by measuring fertility with testing, egg freezing is an option. With this procedure, your eggs are retrieved and frozen for your future use. Then, they can be thawed and fertilized with sperm to achieve pregnancy when the time is right. This is a great option for women who are diagnosed with premature ovarian failure or low egg supply, but who aren’t yet ready to start a family.

If you’re ready to take control of your fertility, contact us to schedule a consultation for fertility testing in New York.

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